About Us


The Islamic multicultural dawah center is one of the well known Mosques in the Helsinki area. It was established in the year: 1999.

All Praise belongs to Allah, the place used to be a church but was later bought by a devoted Muslim brother and turned into a Mosque for the Sake of Allah. It is to be used by all Muslims who follow Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We ask Allah (swt) to reward this brother and his family with mansions in paradise, as promised by the Prophet Muhammad(Peace and blessings of Allah be onto him).

The center is 214m2 in area, and it consists of a prayer hall for men, a separate prayer hall for sisters, a class room for studies, kitchen, two separate toilets for men and women, and a place for ablution. The Mosque was officially opened in October 1999, and within a short period of its establishment we have been able to organize many activities. The main focus has been to call Muslims to correct Aqeeda and cultivate Islamic tarbiyah based on Quran and Sunnah. And within it`s importance, Is to spread Islam to the non muslims in Finland.

With the blessings of Allah, there are many Muslims who have played important roles in the establishment of the Mosque and those who continue to work for the sake of Allah. Some of the major activities organized by the center relating to the dawah efforts are as follows:

1. The center is used as a Mosque for the establishment of

a: Five daily prayers

b: Friday congregational prayer

c: Two Eid prayers

2. Organising lessons in Quranic tajweed and tafseer (reading and explanation), Aqeeda (creed), Hadith, Fiqh and learning Arabic language for both brothers and sisters.

3. Organising of social gatherings on occassions such as Eid, Aqeeqah (child naming) and Nikah-walima (marriage) in order to bring the Muslims together and to keep the Islamic spirit in the hearts.

4. Organising activities in Ramadan such as Iftar (braking of fast) and establishment of Tarawih prayer throughout the month of Ramadan.

All success is due from Allah Alone. We ask Allah to Help us to do that which Pleases Him and to accept our efforts for His Sake.